About dignity

In a man’s world  the woman must be dignified 

Each of us was born receiving in the same quantity of dignity. Therefore, I cannot understand why some people consider that they have received more, why they give it up easily or why some of them try to let others without this precious gift that everyone was endowed with.

But still, what is dignity? Is it something like pride or hubris? Is it something that allows the individual to master the other with a dominant attitude?

Well, from my point of view, dignity is an attitude, I dare say, is a virtue that allows us, “social animals”, to be people, real people with respect and self-esteem, people who have the courage to say NO, even when others might say YES.  There are people who notice that they are on the wrong path and although they no longer have the resources, they decide to engage on a new, better one.

This is what dignity means to me!

But, can we talk about dignity in this society?

Definitely, yes! But there are a few who decided to be different, risking to appear uncommon, in an environment where values, true values, seem to have evaporated.

As we know, the earth is populated by individuals, individuals who are divided into men and women. What a great harmony, what a great communion, so many shared values would be if everyone would understand their status  and  they would not try to dominate each other.

We live in a time when women want emancipation,  they want equality of sexes and rumour says that the “wish was fulfilled” but,  if we look around, we will see that this thing was done only half or worse, just on the surface … as some say, “artificially”.

Women…fragile and strong at the same time, delicate and courageous, elegant, gentle, intelligent and attractive, are now vulgar. In their desire to be like a men, some women were humiliated and became more like men, forgetting their true qualities and forgetting the fact that  both  men and women were created for different purposes, but equally important .

It is true that women are perseverant and they want more from life, they want to be equal with men, they want to be appreciated and independent, but not at the cost of dignity. It is also true that they are able to occupy the highest positions in organizations, but most often, even their spouses do not give them the vote of confidence.

What can women do?  They can fight, fight and  fight for their rights, but without being ridiculous. Maybe someday men and women will understand what some of women already knew, in the first years of life: “The woman was created to give life.” Everything she makes or animates turns into reality. This is she, “weakersex” as some would call her or the “fair x” as others would call her.

I admire this pattern of women, but in a world that wants to be open-minded, these values were long time forgotten or even not found. In this regard, we generally encounter wo major types of women: the obedient woman and the unscrupulous woman. In the first category we find women who, although they are not respected in their environment they continue to live in the same way. In the second one there are those who, in order to get where they want, they are capable of anything, even to lose their dignity.

I must say that without dignity, human begins resemble with animals without reason, freedom and dignity that are the most important elements that made him different and special.

This subject can be inexhaustible, but, I hope that one day, both men and women will rediscover the quintessential harmonious life which must have a solid foundation focused on dignity.

In the end, I can say that we need dignity in a world that seems to sink into dirt and I conclude by quoting Dr. Roopleen, a famous motivational counselor:To be able to live each day with honor, respect and dignity is the greatest achievement of all”.


Cornelia- Gabriela Jitaru



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